The Canton Tower

The Canton Tower stands at the intersection of Guangzhou’s new urban central and the Pearl River scenery zone. The Tower offers an observation deck with a spectacular view, several top-notch restaurants and catering services, 5-star exhibition, convention and entertainment facilities. All these enable you not just to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Guangzhou, but also to experience the excitement of adventure at great heights.

Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain

Located in the northern part of Guangzhou, it is one of the famous mountains in China. It is called "the first show of Yangcheng" and consists of more than 30 peaks. Baiyun Mountain is named with this view as it will be surrounded by white clouds after rain and in late spring.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial

Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall is a key cultural relic protection unit in Guangdong Province and the whole country. It is a memorial building funded by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the forerunner of the great democratic revolution, both by Guangzhou people and overseas Chinese. Designed by our famous architect Mr. Lu Yan-straight, Level tourist attractions.

Chimelong tourist resort

Chimelong Group is a large enterprise group integrating tourist attractions, hotel catering, entertainment and leisure. It owns nine subsidiaries including Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong International Circus, ChimelongXiangjiang Safari Park and Chimelong Water Park, Is the first batch of the country, Guangzhou, the only AAAAA scenic area.

Lotus Hill (Lianhuashan)

Lotus Hill, one of the famous hills of the Pearl River Delta, is located at the eastern outskirt of Panyu City. The Lotus Hill Tourist Resort displays a combination of ancient ruggedness and modern delicacy. Do not miss it when in Guangzhou.

Bao Mo Garden

Located at Sha Wan Town Purple Pok Village in Panyu, Bao Mo Garden is a national AAAA-level scenic spot featuring Qing court culture, Lingnan ancient architecture, Lingnan landscape art and Pearl River Delta Water.